Thursday, January 3, 2019

Joy Starts Here

Happy New Year, everyone!
The Best Day of My Life (So Far) has launched a brand new campaign in honor of our tenth anniversary! We're calling it Joy Starts Here, and our campaign is for twelve different sites to collect 1,000 stories together, throughout the course of the year. And we're talking 1,000 brand new stories too, from seniors all over the United States. You can find the details here, and I will be participating as well. Each week, I will post the amount of stories that I have submitted to Joy Starts Here, as well as any stories I receive from the loyal readers of this blog. If you want to know who to talk to and what kinds of stories we're looking for, it can be from anyone about anything. As long as the story's from a senior's own life, we want it!

But if you want a little inspiration, then you can check out some of our most popular posts in the past ten years:

Once you've submitted a story, please let us know what city you and the storyteller are from so I can post the count on here. You can let us know at, or you can tag us on Twitter at @bestdaysofar, on Instagram at, or on Facebook at We can't wait to see and hear the hundreds of stories this country's older buds have to offer. Good luck, and Happy New Year.

Current Story Count: 0 (We all have to start somewhere)

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