Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top 10 Countdown

With the peace of Christmas still lingering in the air and the excitement of the New Year (woohoo!) right about to kick in, I just want to take a second to say thanks to you for reading this blog. It means a lot to me and – I know for a fact – to the seniors that you are taking the time out of your busy schedules to listen to stories from their past. Especially to those of you whom I’ve never met in real life, it blows my mind that we’re connected across who-know-what-distance through this little collection of words.

I know for me, being in virtual dialogue with you has become a sort of therapy for me. The routine for me is peaceful. As I stared into the fireplace late last night after eating too much food and getting too many gifts (seriously and seriously!), I realized I should write a quick note to let you know that.

And what end-of the-year toast is complete without a little countdown to ring in the new year? Here is a look at some of my favorite things that the seniors have said.

By 6th grade some of the girls had smiles that distracted me from daydreaming which was my main activity at school.
- Mo, “Girls”

Good afternoon everyone: welcome to the inner chamber of my life.
- Ernestyne, “Ernestyne”

I just write whatever comes out. So some of this may not make any sense… You know, I’ve never shown this to anyone before.
-Henrietta, “Henrietta’s Notebook”

This. I couldn't write that this was the, the happiest moment of my life. Because I wrote about my son. And I have to say, one of the, because then I had two other lovely children... You want me to read it? I wrote a lot.
-Helen, “A Mother’s Pride”

I brought all these things to help me remember. Look.
-Christine, “Christine”

I went into this restaurant. I was the only black person there, and the white people were cracking up. The waitress said, what do you want to order? I said, give me some black and white grits. She said, we have no such thing on the menu. I said, you have a sign here that says black, and a sign there that says white, so I want both. I want everything black and white. And I had all the people laughing. I pointed to the white section and told the waitress, see how good the meat looks? I am paying the same price. I don't want mine all cut up. I don't want something you're about to put in the garbage. Some leftovers from yesterday? Uh, uh, baby, not me. Slice me some nice stuff. I told her, I am no garbage disposal.
-Bernice, “Black and White Grits”

I love to be around happy people. It is impossible to be happy all of the time, but happy times are the best memories of my life.
-Hattie, “Riches”

Of course everyone has a little heartbreak. Losing both my parents, losing a child, there are some events that I still haven’t gotten over yet. But I have, and I do have, a lot of happiness in my life. I do. I have happiness.
-Helen, “Detox”

One day in this class I may cry. I've cried a total of five times in my life.
-Mo, “Chain Reaction”

If you love a man enough, your son comes out looking exactly like him, so that you can never forget how much you love your husband.
-Bernice, “The Most Beautiful Theory in the World”