Thursday, October 25, 2012

Loretta Reunites with Her Family!!

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In the last couple blog posts, we peeked and laughed about our seniors' childhoods; now let's look and smile at the miracle that is present-tense real life. Here is a story whose beginning I shared Here a few weeks ago – but it turns out that the story’s twists and turns, and what is looking like a happy ending, are still unfolding right before our eyes…

On September 18, Loretta's daughter surprised me with a note. It read:

My name is Michelle Gaither and I'm looking for my mother, I think the woman may be her, if this is my mother can you please let her know that her daughters are looking for her and we love her very much!!!! P.S. The stories are wonderful, I love how you guys are helping our seniors.

I wanted to tell Loretta in person and in private – I told her before class on September 27. She told me God sent Michelle to the internet. The last time she had seen Michelle was when her daughter visited her at the homeless shelter, where Loretta returns to whenever her housing situations fall through. How long ago was that? I asked Loretta. She said she doesn’t remember.

Loretta told our senior buds in class. Everyone tells her it is a miracle.

Loretta borrowed my phone to make this video for Michelle:

Then, the week afterwards, a terrible coincidence happened -

Loretta got so sick (from previous colon cancer treatments) that she got rushed to the ER and had to stay for days, but then -  her family showed up! So a terrible thing became a blessing in disguise.

My senior buds and I were so overjoyed to see her back in class the next week. Guess what the title of her story is? That's right. Family Reunion.

Last week Loretta told me that she may be moving in with her daughter Michelle.