Monday, April 5, 2010

Bernice (Letter to a High School Friend)

Actually, got another minute for one more? I’ve got another story of Bernice’s that she wrote several weeks ago that hasn’t made it to the blog yet, but would be perfect to share back-to-back with the previous post. This is an imaginary letter she wrote to her long-lost friend Jones, a boy she once thought was interested in her (because he would sit by her in the lunchroom every day) but Bernice later found out he was really only interested in her food*. It’s amazing how such a short letter can be loaded with so much memory, humor, excitement and pain.

Bernice Moore
Letter to a High School Friend

Dear Jones,
You were my good friend in high school we went on a school trip. You were a nice person. We had lots of fund going to the zoo and parks. We went on a lot of school trips. We had to bring our own lunch. It was fun seeing you. I will not forget our high school years and the fact that we have lost a lot of high school friends.
- Bernice Moore
*I don't know how she is so convinced by that, by the way - she just was and she just is. So that part of the story is funny too - who knows, the boy could've been interested in HER all along!