Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Sort of Summer Vacation (Loretta D. and Joe)

Over the past few months, both Joe and Loreta D. decided to take a summer vacation from Best Day. They wanted to take advantage of the nice summer weather and enjoy the great outdoors, and they both used this time to start planning what to write. The good news, both of them wrote a story last week. The bad news, Loretta couldn't even come to class because her CCT bus picked her up just after class started. I always feel bad when our older buds are beholden to a transportation system the can't control. But I'm glad I can feature them both today.

Loretta G. Dotson
What If  
Such a small word, but quite significant, so meaningful, so powerful. If the sun wasn’t out it would be dark and cloudy. If I would have had bacon and would have made breakfast at home. If the bus wasn’t late I would have arrived on time. If this dress was in my size, I would have purchased it. If an apartment was available in that building, I would have applied for it. If they don’t have coffee I’ll have tea. So many "ifs" so important in every way. If I would not have written this for sure, I have another written view of my life experiences.
If you don’t mind, over and out. 
Joe Garrison
School Days  
I had been out of high school for a few years, and the idea of going back to a classroom was a little intimidating. I was a little nervous but I thought maybe I’ll give it a try.
I prepared myself for the first day. It was a new experience because I was the only sightless person. On the first day, I walked in and introduced myself. People asked, "How is he going to keep up? Take notes? Survive in the class?" One particular fellow who was sitting next to me had a really surly attitude. He said, "Do you expect us to take care of you? To help you, write your notes?" I said to him, "I never asked you to help me. I can hold my own and keep up." Another lady was the opposite of this man. We became friends. She helped me out, took some notes and we were friends outside of class.
People always pre-judge. All that man could see was that I was sightless and he judged me. I maintained an "A" average in my classes. I had my text books on tape. I hated Algebra though I took other math classes, but Algebra was the worst.
I found my way around the school. I knew where to go on campus. I took the bus and sometimes my friend would drive me home. I loved my music history class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned about music from the medieval period to rock and roll! I imparted some of my knowledge to the instructor! She gave me an A+!
I enjoyed my experience at Philadelphia Community College. 

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