Meet our passionate team!
Below are the people involved in running the original Best Day of My Life So Far group and our non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our ages range from 15-80 (and counting!) Our team is made up of some of the kindest, most talented and most hardworking people you will ever meet - from high school students, to lawyers, business owners, marketing professionals, social workers, medical professionals, professors, community organizers, policy makers, architects, and beyond. We customize every role to fit every volunteer's background, talents, and life goals. Email to inquire about volunteer opportunities. 

We'd love for you to meet the volunteer facilitators and copy editors who are running additional groups all across the U.S. - we are working on a new website with a page dedicated to each group, where we can honor these wonderful local teams.

Board of Directors
  • Benita Cooper, Benita Cooper Design – Founder; Executive Director
  • Emily Antoszyk, University of Pennsylvania - Board Secretary; Operations Officer
  • Fred Siegel, Fred Siegel Partners – Board Member; Executive Coach
  • Jen Feden, University of Pennsylvania  - Board Treasurer; Assistant Director
  • Lea Peterson, Philadelphia Sports Network - Board Member; Training and Development Coordinator
  • Meaghan Brown, United Way – Board Member; Operations Officer
  • William Hussey, White and Williams – Legal Counsel to the Board

Public Outreach Committee
Social Media
  • Jason Cooper – Social Media Officer
  • Lea Peterson – Social Media Officer 
  • Rachel Hampton - Story Letter Coordinator
Storybook Production
  • Alex Visconti - Graphic Designer
  • Andy Kahan, Free Library of Philadelphia - Editor
  • Caitlin Cieri - Editorial Assistant 
  • Jen Ross - Associate Editor, Public Outreach Officer
  • Madi Garvin - Associate Editor, Teen Outreach Officer
  • Michelle Sheffer - Consulting Copy Editor
  • Thelma Reese, "The New Senior Woman" - Editor
  • The Head and The Hand Press - Consulting Publisher
Copy Editing
  • Allison Winter - Copy Editing Coordinator
  • Amanda Martin - Copy Editing Coordinator
  • Ava Hawkinson - Copy Editor
  • Caitlin Cieri - Copy Editor
  • Diane Menio - Copy Editor
  • Jada Lee - Copy Editor
  • Jenni Sheckler - Copy Editor
  • Megan Buckley – Copy Editor
  • Win Winter - Copy Editor
Web Development
  • Kelly Babcock - Web Designer
Volunteer Coordination
  • Jenni Wicklander - Volunteer Coordinator

Fundraising Committee
  • Cara Scharf - Fundraising Coordinator
  • Jana Henry – Fund Developer
  • Qianfei Yang - Fund Developer
  • Rui Chu - Fund Developer
  • Zhengyu Chen - Fund Developer

      Training and Development Committee
      • Courtney Polenick - Research Officer
      • Diane Menio, Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly - Advisor
      • Jill Chonody - Research Officer
      • Thelma Reese - Research Officer 
      • Visit our "Press Awards Partners" tab to see a list of universities that have conducted focused research on our program benefits

        With Special Thanks to:

        Facilitators of Original and Test Groups
        • Amy Henson – Free Library of Philadelphia, Phila PA
        • Brendan O'Hara – Free Library of Philadelphia, Phila PA
        • Caitlin Cieri – Philadelphia Senior Center, Phila PA
        • Dee Reichle – Philadelphia Senior Center, Phila PA
        • Donnell Powell – Philadelphia Senior Center, Phila PA
        • Heidi Wong – Kin On Nursing Home, Seattle WA
        • Jason Cooper – Philadelphia Senior Center, Phila PA
        • Jessica Wong – Kin On Nursing Home, Seattle WA
        • Karla Chien – China Coast Community, Hong Kong, China
        • Lea Peterson – Philadelphia Senior Center, Phila PA
        • Madi Garvin – Free Library of Philadelphia, Phila PA
        • Rachel Hampton – Philadelphia Senior Center, Phila PA
        Event Support
        • Andrea Mack – Filmmaker
        • Ashley Kerns – Event Director
        • Jason Bachman - Photographer
        • Larissa Mogano – Filmmaking Assistant
        • Mark Garvin - Photographer
        •  Maureen Roche - Photographer
        • Steve Gardner – Filmmaker
        • Tracy Ramone - Photographer
        Consulting Experts
        • Grace Rustia, AARP Pennsylvana
        • Linda Riley, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
        • Peggy Northrop, Northrop Consulting and Work Reimagined
        •  Simran Sethi, University of Melbourne