Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hazel (A Mighty Myth)

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Hazel showing off her reindeer ring! At our holiday party we discovered the cupcake decorations are little rings for kids, so naturally(!) the seniors each put one on ;)

Happy aaaalmost New Year everyone! This story may be the size of a pea but its breadth and human reach is so wide - a perfect inspiration for a new year. After Hazel read this story out loud, I was like, Oh! I have never had black eyed peas for New Year's! And all of them responded, Oh really? And I realized they see me as so totally one of them that they don't realize I am not black (most of them happen to be, just because our venue is downtown Philly), that in our group not only are we ageless but cultureless, which is kind of amazing.

Hazel Nurse
A Mighty Myth

As far back as I can remember, it might be when I was 3 years old (according to some experts, our memory extends to that time), at home New Year's Eve was a guaranteed time to enjoy my favorite dish, black-eyed peas.

Under firm supervision of my mother, all Christmas decorations had to be removed before the New Year came in. Also black-eyed peas must be boiling when the New Year came in so we would have good luck. The determination and belief that one must start the New Year humble so that it will end great remains. I observe these rules faithfully and will possibly be superstitious forever.