Tuesday, September 24, 2013

For Our Children

I’d love to dedicate this blog post to all our children – whether grown, young, newly born or those yet to be born ;)

Our seniors and my amazing team of volunteers recently surprised me with a collection of letters for my newborn son Kian. These words, lovingly handwritten and then lovingly typed, made me smile bigger and bigger, and then Norman’s letter, which I happened to read last, filled my eyes with happy tears:

“As you become older, you will hear stories about us from your mother. You will read our stories and see our pictures and videos on the internet.”

How awesome is it that my grandma inspired me to start this project to connect generations a few years ago, and suddenly this project, and the amazing community it has formed, and the evergrowing story collection that this community has built, has a superhuman (and yet so very, very human) power to help me start meaningful conversations with my own son?

For my fellow parents, I hope there is something in these letters that speaks to your children as well, and I hope that one day, your children
will cross paths with mine as they “read our seniors’ stories and see their pictures and videos on the internet”.

Thank you, seniors and team - I can’t wait to read all your letters and all your stories to Kian. I know he will treasure them forever.

Norman Cain
Dear Kian

Storytelling is one of the world’s oldest traditions and our group, The Best Day of My Life So Far writing and storytelling group (having been a part of your story) has agreed to dedicate this session 9/12/13 to honor your recent birth with words to welcome you to the world. We are members of your spiritual family and our written words to you will remain forever. As you become older, you will hear stories about us from your mother. You will read our stories and see our pictures and videos on the internet.

You will know us like we know your mother and father. We are a spiritual family. Good luck. We love you. Welcome to the world and you are welcomed as a member to The Best Day of My Life storytelling and writing group.

Yours truly,

Maureen Roche, Volunteer

Dear Kian,

You have made your way into the great, big world. For many months, your parents, family, family friends, and lots of other people have awaited your arrival with great anticipation! The joy you bring is limitless and eternal. There are small miracles and big miracles that will come into your life all the time, if you keep your eyes open.

I want to share with you a recent, small miracle that happened just before you were brought into the world. This story begins 20 years ago, when I was 15 years old. I had a not-so-secret wish for a grey kitten with green eyes for my 16th birthday. I kept telling my mother and father in the hopes that they would bring me one. My boyfriend at the time surprised me for my birthday with a tiny black kitten with yellow eyes - the only kitten in the shelter. I loved her just the same.

20 years later, only a few days before your birth, my husband found a small kitten wandering in the road, sick and delirious from lack of nutrition. His eyes were closed from conjunctivitis. We didn’t know what to do. We were passing through a rural area on a Sunday evening on our way home. There was no one to call. We could not leave him to die. We took in the little kitten and named him Frankie, after Pope Francis and Saint Francis (both of whom love animals). He weighed 2 pounds. We fed him, bathed him, gave him medicine twice a day, and finally he opened his tiny, green eyes. When the dust and grime was washed away, we saw he was all grey, just like the cat I had dreamed of years ago.

A small miracle like you, Frankie, will be loved by his new family and friends. Know that you are special and uniquely worthy of love, respect and kindness. Share your love and your many gifts with those around you, and never forget that you too are a small miracle.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Meet Kian

Hi Readers - meet the brand new (and I mean brand new) member of the Best Day family...

I am happy to share that my beautiful son Kian Cooper was born last week! The birth went awesome, and the whole family is doing well! As I learn to be a mom ;) and keep a low profile here on the blog for the next weeks, my team will continue to work hard to keep up our weekly senior storytelling sessions, and to bring you stories through all our other platforms, so please be sure to stay connected with us through any (and preferably all!) of the following:

Besides delivering free, inspirational stories and tips you won’t find anywhere else, FB, Twitter, and our Story Letter is where we will reveal 2 exciting things our team is busy making for you:
(1) A keepsake storybook that will inspire you and loved ones of all ages
(2) A facilitator training guide that will allow anyone to start a Best Day senior storytelling group anywhere

Besides working on all of this, my team tells me that there's “STUFF” in the works that even I don't know about! Stay connected with us for a surprise from our seniors. Personally, I love surprises so I am stoked!

You can always still drop me a note on FB btw – I am available there to chat. OK, gotta go check on lil Kian now! I’ll be back, right here, with all you guys, super soon!!

Thanks for all your love and support, Benita