Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank You to My Favorite Party People

To my fave senior buds:

Just want to write a note to publicly thank you for your mad party skills!!! Last week, when I walked into the room, and saw the full room decorated with food, cake, party d├ęcor, cards, I couldn’t believe it. Last year, you surprised me with an amazing birthday party, and this year you surprised me with an amazing baby shower. You did it again – you totally got me! When my fellow "young seniors" Lea, Caitlin, Madi told me it really was all of you, not they, who initiated it and pulled it all off, I thought it was so awesome. They are as proud of you as I am. I can’t even explain how loved I feel.

There are so many things I want to thank you for.

The sweetest of the thought.

The genius of self-organizing secret after-class meetings to plan everything out and self-delegate tasks ;)

The sheer might of the physical labor you put into this – how did you carry that giant cake, all the beverages, the serving cart complete with cake-cutting supplies, cups, utensils, up the elevator, down the windy hallways, all the way to our classroom?!

Our class is all about stories, but yet so much more – the friendship that I have gained with each and all of you is what I am most grateful for. You are the ones who make every day the best day of my life so far. Our lives.

Love, Benita

Hazel Nurse
Best Days and Years

This class of unusually fine members has always been an inspiration for me.  In fact, I can now call it a journey because, if you remember, two years ago I announced the arrival of twins right here in this class.

After thinking it over, and looking back because the twins were two years old on June 2nd, you must be my wonderful writing and storytelling family.

The unforgettable experiences engineered by our gracious and talented leader, Benita, and a host of others, are just wheels for our train of good thoughts, such as her young co-facilitators and assistants Caitlin, Lea, Madi, Donnell, Dee, and Jill, and our faithful senior co-leader Beatrice.  We have a much appreciated way to express our thoughts. These are not only the “Best Days of Our Lives” but “The Best Years of Our Lives” too!!

Beatrice Newkirk
Every Thursday

Every Thursday is when we come together to our writing class. We meet every Thursday at 1 o’clock in our class. There is so much love and respect. I can’t wait to hear new stories. We even hear about our teacher, Benita, expecting a baby. That is good news! We in the class wish her all the luck.

My family was so happy to hear the news. She surprised us all. Being a mother is the greatest gift. A child that is part of man and wife. Oh what joy it will be.

Beatrice Newkirk
The Best Time of My Life So Far

I have so much to be thankful for. First for God letting me be here up to 79 years.  Second for letting me be a mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother.  Third for me having 12 kids and teaching them to know right from wrong.  You have to raise kids but let them know who is the boss.  Teach them what I taught them.  Raising kids is a full time job.

Whether you have one of three or 12.  It takes lots of patience and love.  But most of all discipline.  You can’t let the kids raise you.  You are supposed to love and help and show understanding.