Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Thelma and Our Wharton Team!

In the last blog post, I unveiled our project vision. Here now, is our wonderful research officer Thelma Reese – who btw is proudly and beautifully 78 years old – unveiling our first step of action. I met Thelma when she sat in on our class a few months ago (yup, that's her with the cool denim shirt!), after which she immediately joined our team. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her experience is impressive, and I am so honored to have her leading our Wharton initiative. Thank you Thelma for being you and for everything you do.

Yesterday was an important day in the development of The Best Day of My Life (So Far).  Five exceptionally intelligent, experienced, and caring University of Pennsylvania graduate students have chosen our program to work with in their spring semester. Roger Huang, Toral Kothari, Leslie Tullis, and Vikas Sekhri, all students at Wharton Business School, and Martha Heuser, at the School of Social and Public Policy, met with their instructor, Katie Krimmel, Benita, and me to begin their plan of action.

Before starting their graduate studies, these students all had successful experience in professional world, including private equity banking, investment banking, historical preservation, and volunteer work. Their objective is to develop the kind of materials that will help us all (including you, blogreaders!) spread the word about TBDOMLSF, and attract the donations required for our planned expansion.

The students will be visiting the writing group at the senior center and speaking with many experts, supporters, and admirers of TBDOMLSF.  I am personally very excited to be working with them and with Katie Krimmel on their project. If you are interested in speaking with our students, please contact our PR Manager Emily Antoszyk ( to set up a conversation.

BTW How did I get here?  After many years of working in and for educational institutions, government, consulting for businesses and non-profits, and now having a blog ( and writing a book, TBDOMLSF is simply the most exciting program on the horizon.  It’s bringing together everything I care about as it brings people of very different ages together and expands all horizons within a truly inspired vision.

Stay tuned for a moving blog post by the students about why each of them has chosen to participate in this project.

Thelma Reese, Ed. D.
Research Officer
The Best Day of My Life (So Far)