Thursday, December 29, 2016

Farrell (Love of Life)

Can it be true that 2017 is just 3 days away? Time to soul search our way towards our new year resolutions!! No matter what your personal resolution turns out to be, here's a story about simply being you, simply loving life, simply finding little ways to show kindness to those around you. Good luck soul searching! Hope this story helps to jumpstart some new year ideas ;)

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Farrell Ward
Love of Life

I feel so good to be alive this day. Life has so many ups and downs, but when it is up, it is wonderful.

Today is an up day. A day that is filled with new changes and new people. It is nice being in a place where you know you can and will be helped to better yourself and hopefully others around you. I am looking forward to receive the blessings that will come my way, by being a partner in the resources of this agency. So for now and the future, thank you for letting me be … ME.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Holidays from the Original Best Day Fam!

Wow - can't believe 2016 is almost over and 2017 is around the corner! For 7 years, this original Best Day group has been my heart, my family, my home. And it will always be that for me, no matter how our greater Best Day community continues to grow. I can't facilitate our group personally these days because my growing boys need and deserve their mommy time; but that distance only makes my heart grow fonder and beat stronger every time I visit. When I see how passionate our volunteers are and how happy our participants are, it gives me a peace and joy (truly a feeling, not just words on a card!) knowing that this group will always thrive and will always be a close-knit family - even as participants may get sick or even pass away, or volunteers relocate to other cities, and new participants and volunteers join in. No matter what, everyone who has spent time around our storytelling table has given a piece of their heart to the group and left a permanent emotional imprint. And so, happy holidays from the entire Best Day of My Life So Far family all across the country but especially this very intimate first ever family that started it all!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Frances (Missed Calls)

Today, a funny story to celebrate the distance (and we mean actual physical distance!) that a true friend will go. We are so happy to have you as our friend, Frances. We've ALL got your back - whether your phone is on mute, vibrate or set to ring...

Frances Bryce
Missed Calls

I heard a banging which I thought perhaps came from the restaurant downstairs, when the noise level reached a very high pitch. This banging was obviously from my door downstairs.

I yelled, “I’m coming!” even though I could not imagine why anyone would be at my door at 10:30 AM. The television was on as sleep had ruled the evening.

Hurrying down the stairs, two policemen and a neighbor were at the door. A dear friend had called my closest friend when she had failed to get me. She in turn had called the police. I was embarrassed that they were there, my apologies were one with assuring me that no apology was necessary and they were glad that I was OK!

When I attend church, I put my phone on vibrate and if I forget to change the setting and don’t have my cell phone on me or near me. I have no indication that a call had been made to me unless I check my phone late in the evening, which I had not done because I fell asleep.

I called my friend to let her know that I was OK, leaving a message on her landline and then hoping she had not left home and then on her cell phone hoping if she was on her way to my place to abort the trip.

As luck would have it, she did not get the cellphone message and showed up at my place. I felt awful that she had driven from Mt. Airy to Center City to see if I was OK. Her only concern was that I was fine.

We have been friends since we were in college. There are things money can’t buy  - a true friendship rates number one with me.

I will try to reset my phone after putting it on mute or vibrate.