Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas Concert (Ledice)

The Philadelphia Senior Center typically has their Christmas concert about a week before Christmas, typically on a Thursday. When this happens, most of the older buds of Best Day attend the concert, and the rest of us play hooky and follow them.

Joan’s usually singing in the choir, but this year Rochelle had a solo too. Unfortunately, her heater broke the night before so she had to stay until the repairman installed a new heater. But she made it in time for our senior selfie. Delores didn’t, but she—along with every older bud that came that day—got a homemade bon bon cookie.


We don't always arrive at the same time, but we always come together in the end.
And with that, I leave you all with a holiday treat to ring in the new year.

Ledice McKnight
The Posada - Christmas traditions

When I was a kid in my house, we celebrated Christmas with a Posada. The Posada’s participants has to dress like Sheppard’s and carry an animal a chicken, a rooster, small goat, a sheep, a dog or a cat. The holy family Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus where the main people of the posada.
We went to the neighbor’s house and ask if they allowed us in. We sing
Villancicos (Christmas carols) with the all the family members. We continue to the next house until we have visited the majority of the houses in our neighborhood. The parade will end in our house, where we celebrated the birth of the baby Jesus. We all drink punch and nonalcoholic brewage made out egg, milk and nutmeg and cake called rosca the navidad and some other kind of food. In my family started the preparation for the Posada three month before December 24 (the Posada day). The preparations consist of the clothes for the Sheppard’s, the animals needed for the Posada, rehearsal of the Villancicos, chaperones for the kids participating in the Posada. It was an event that require a lot preparation, but at the end all of us was a wonderful time and beautiful way to celebrate Christmas.

Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.


Curated by Caitlin Cieri