Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mr. Robert (Mentors)

I remember that when Mr. Robert read this story out loud in class, with each mentor’s name he read, his voice grew another notch stronger. We were sitting at a table, but we could have been at an award ceremony. Robert is on stage, honoring the people who changed his life. His story is our imaginary auditorium. I am watching and smiling from the audience because even though I have never met these people, I am so grateful for the grateful man whom they have helped to shape. I can’t wait to tell Robert when I see him that this story is up on the blog, so that he can show some of his mentors. I can’t wait for them to realize how much they mean to him.

Robert Mitchell

Mr. Williams -   Growing up as a teenager in the mean streets of Philadelphia, in the 60’s during the gang war and street fights era, I learned how to be accountable for your growing up.  P.S. Mr. Williams is the father of the  D.A. for the city of Philadelphia (Seth Williams)

My 8th Grade Reading Teacher – Who taught me how to read and spell words as you hear them.

My Mother – Who raised me to be respectful around adults and people in general, right from wrong, love for family and how to adapt when you go into the work force.

The Military – which taught me how to take care of myself, go to work, gave me 3 meals a day, how to keep my area tidy, wash my clothes, and how to be all you can be.

Ms. Bryant, Ms. Young, Ms. Sampson - These are women in my life who gave me the initiative to better myself in the work force.  Ms. Sampson was also my financial consultant.

My Wife, aka home girl, - was there for me when I was in the “Lost and Found” until she claimed me, and taught me how to balance a check book. 

These are the mentors in my life from who I learned and fed from their energy.