Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Mo (Without Permission)

Let’s keep cheering for the lil’ guys… and girls!! Watch out, here comes Little Miss Mo! Our joke in class is that Miss Mo’s stories can ALL be titled “Without Permission” because she was constantly getting into trouble with her parents ;)

Missouri Grier
Without Permission

My mother told me to go up to her room and get her purse.  On the table also were my father’s car keys.  So I took the keys also.  On the way to the store, there was the garage, so I went to the store, came out with my purse and went into the garage to see if I could start the car.  It did and I went through the door.  Slowly.  A man saw me, jumped on the running board, reached in and pulled the key out.  He backed the car back and told me, “Tell your father to fix the door.”