Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Mo (The Locker)

To start out our week with an oomph… proof from Big Mo that good friends are stronger than mean bullies!

Mo McCooper
The Locker

Freshman lockers for books and clothes were located under the stands in the gym. We each had a combination lock but some of us needed a match or lighter to see the numbers on the lock. There was no light under there. Ninth graders were warned that bullies would probably try to borrow money from us under the stands. Being under five feet tall and under 100 pounds made me a target. My dad had taught me a little about boxing but some of the other students were almost full grown.

One morning I felt a strong hand on my shoulder and a strange voice asking me for a quarter. Before I could tell him I only had enough for my soda another voice said: “Whatever you’re asking him, ask me first.” It was my best friend Louie Spinelli who was five-foot-eleven and around 150 pounds.  The other guy left and never came back.