Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hazel (Senior Show Day)

Alright, who is ready to rock out with Hazel?

Hazel Nurse
Senior Show Day

Come seniors at our age,
Let’s all take the center stage.

We’ll roll the years back
And, give our youth a big whack!

No more babies to kick and scream,
Often interrupting a truly good dream.

Mo more paying for a ride
We hop on Septa with a stride!

Mo more losing of teens because we are old,
We’ll find their good works and let them be told.

No more job to guide our life,
We’ll all sleep late minus the strife.

Twenty-four hours all made for us –
To live and love without any fuss!

Writing is fun since we know how!
It’s time to go!  Let’s take a bow!