Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mo (A Sailor Boy's Sweetheart)

Hey look, it's almost Valentine's Day!! I guarantee you guys will all LOVE Mo's sweetheart story. In fact, let's have a little fun and do a mini series of romantically themed stories - we'll read some that were freshly written in recent weeks, and some written in previous years that are just as relevant now. Whether you are celebrating with a significant other, family, or friends, kicking back at home, dealing with a recent heartbreak, or waiting for love, our seniors have got something for everyone!

Mo McCooper
A Sailor Boy’s Sweetheart

During World War II, my dad’s little brother John served in combat with the U.S. Army. The family had a party in a large back room of a restaurant somewhere in Philadelphia. Dad’s 4 brothers and 4 sisters were there. About 6 other grandchildren were there. All the aunts and unvles sany songs and most danced. Suddenly into the room came this big broad-shouldered lady who must have weighed over 200 pounds, singing “I’m only a Sailor Boy’s sweetheart but I’m proud of my sailor boy.”

It was Uncle John with pillows stuffed in his coat and a wig borrowed from a mop.  To me he was hilarious.  Best of all he came home safe and sound from the War!