Monday, February 13, 2012

Hattie (Loves of My Life)

Hattie knows whom we can count on to power up our silly Valentine’s Day spirit… our littlest sweethearts!

Hattie Lee Ellerbe
Loves of My Life

I am thinking of two little people who think that I have just as much energy as they do and have answers to all of their questions.

Aaron is my great-grandson. He is almost four. He is always happy to see me and gives me big hugs. I don’t even have to ask for them.

Ari Yanna is my great-great-granddaughter and has to be coaxed to give hugs or kisses but when she feels like it, she is all over me. Ari Yanna is going on 3 yrs. and loves to write with a pen and make pictures. She calls my “Triple G”. Yesterday, I gave her bubble packing material and told her to jump on it. Pop-Pop-Pop!