Thursday, February 16, 2012

Loretta (Long Lost Love)

And now, a love story which paused for 30 years… but may just be starting up again.

Loretta Gaither
Long Lost Love

When I was younger (around 25 years of age) I was raising my 5 kids and he was working at the gas company.  He was a friend of mine.  He asked me out to go to the dance clubs.  I had an abusive boyfriend before I met him, and he talked to me and helped me end the relationship with the abusive boyfriend.  Sunny Bell is the name of my true love.  I saw him this morning at the Independent Living Home where I live now.  He is living there too.  I was so surprised and so was he.  He wanted to hug me and I said no because I didn’t want to get in trouble with the staff.  I don’t know what will happen next but I am glad to see him again.  I hadn’t seen him for 30 years.