Monday, February 27, 2012

Aileen (Clothes and Their Importance to the Ego)

The Oscars were last night, and the stars looked rightfully glam. This post goes out to all you Oscar fashion fans!

I wish you guys could all squeeze around our table sometimes, because besides their awesome voices, I get to take in our seniors’ awesome outfits every week. We have so many snazzy dressers. Helen is one, reinventing color combinations that rival the cover of any fashion magazine. Then there is sassy Beatrice, who always has something funky going on with her sideways bun. And representing our gentlemen – Michael, who always wears a pressed shirt with a tie, and sports a perfectly combed do. And I’ve got to tell you guys what Bobby (Robert L.) told me – it is so funny. He told me that his brother who checks on the blog (hi, Bobby’s Brother!!) from Hong Kong, used to point out to Bobby that he was wearing the same shirt every week, so Bobby got himself a whole new wardrobe to look snazzy for our blog. Is that not the coolest?

Here now is Aileen, a true lover of fashion with a designer's eye, giddy over her trip to Manhattan and explaining why!

Aileen Jefferson
So This is Manhattan

The expectancy I enjoyed: a trip to New York. Bergdorf-Goodman, Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus and then I thought – expense.  Who would be the easiest prey?  Mother? Daddy?  Neither?  Isn't there a distant relative I could cajole?  My head was swimming with thoughts of Bergdorf-Goodman and the other high end fashion.  How do I get to these fashionable houses?  Where are they? Where in New York?  And I am so knowledgeable of fashion houses I said with a smirk. The excitement of the purchase pleases me, the price confounds me.  For the first time in my life I am where I belong. My Children, all three of them, are amazed at my savvy familiarity with the city.

Aileen Jefferson
Clothes and Their Importance to the Ego

Think of the effect of new clothes to the ego.

From a psychological point of view, clothes play a vital part in our self worth.

Consider the advantages of new clothes:
“I feel pretty, o so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay…” from the Broadway play “West Side Story”, lyrics Stephen Sondheim; music L.B. and I am going to give him all the credit.

Now because of this I am going to wear my special outfit which is also pretty, witty, and gay.

Therefore, you mothers remember the importance of your offsprings’ clothing as you dress them for morning class.

And as they say, “clothes make the man”.

You ladies can take care of yourselves.