Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday from All of Us to Tanya!

Just got out of class and want to post something important! A birthday video message from our seniors to our Copy Editing Coordinator, Tanya, to thank her for all that she does. Every single week, Tanya takes the scans of our seniors' handwritings (btw - how cool is it that Norman one of our seniors now scan all the handwritings after class for us? Stay tuned for a moving story by him called "Pre Judgement"), catalogs the scans, distributes them to our Copy Editors worldwide, then catologs the typed texts, then send them all to me, so I get to do the fun part, which is to connect all of our seniors' and volunteers' hard work with you guys. If you'd like to join our seniors in thanking Tanya for her dedication and wishing her a Happy Birthday, click Here to hop on to Facebook and give her a shoutout! Thanks everyone!