Monday, April 16, 2012

Beatrice (What If)

When Beatrice read this poem out loud, it brought me right back to what her twin Bernice had said a while back, “God made us different like flowers – if we were all the same, there would be nothing nice to look at.” Click Here to reread Bernice's story again. Our sassy twins have a way of making sense of our crazy world, don’t they?

Beatrice Newkirk
What If

What if everyone was the same?
Would the world be a better place?
What if everyone spoke the same language?
Would there be a problem?
What if it was all one race?
Would there be wars?
What if we kept the president in office for eight years instead of four?
Would it make a difference?  You can’t get too much done in four years.
Because they are just getting started on the job and if another president comes in he changes everything and doesn’t agree on what the previous president has said and done.
What IF?