Thursday, May 27, 2010

Henrietta (Something Little I Saved Over My Lifetime)

Recently Henrietta wrote an open letter asking you what you’d like to hear about, and you responded via Facebook! Well, surprise surprise… you got what you asked for. Check out Henrietta’s response back to you. How cool is this? And how surreal? It’s a conversation that takes a little longer than face-to-face, no doubt. But it’s a conversation nonetheless. The seniors really are getting a kick out of Facebook. Every class, we check if there are new comments and read them out loud. So comment away! Ask and they will answer.

Henrietta Faust
May 13, 2010
Greetings Readers

Greetings, Readers:

I received your requests and will write about my mistakes in life. Be it known I’ve learned that some mistakes are a resource that teaches me new lessons, because these sources all work together for good.

And I shall write of my successes, which I define as a constant arriving at the next level, all life long. In each moment, I am correctly able to handle the new success.

And I will write about complications that I experienced in life. And little things I kept in my life through the years. I shall start will a little story about my pet dog named “Bully”, the bulldog mix.

Plus – and I was so glad to hear from you via Teacher Cooper, that you said, “I enjoy your blog so very much.” Please keep reading.

Henrietta Faust
May 13, 2010
Something Little I Saved Over My Lifetime   

This story started in the summer.  When our female dog went suddenly missing.  We searched all over for her.  We cried, “Our dog is gone!”

Then the owner of Plantation stopped by and he cursed at my Aunt Nancy saying, “That #*@! of yours - you better keep the #*@! away from my #1 blue ribbon champion bull dog!”  And, as my aunt smiled and bowed her head, not ever daring to look up, I knew my aunt was glad to know that our dog was still alive.  And she said, “Ya-sur.  I sure will.” 

So soon after that our female dog came home, dragging her tail low.  And, she went under the house and stayed and stayed until one day we hear puppies crying.

(to be continued . . . )

Henrietta Faust
May 20, 2010
Greetings, Readers

Story about pet Bully the Bulldog pet cont.

We heard puppies crying under the house. We were surprised and someone crawled under the house. And there they were a littler of bulldog pups. The children were thrilled and surprised but a look of absolute. Fear was on my Aunt’s face. I was wondering why? But I know we were poor so that must be why so much fear was on my Aunts face. So when one of the children were thinking which puppy was theirs, but not so fast. At that moment the slave master rolled up his gleaming bright car.

(to be continued . . . )