Monday, May 10, 2010

Hattie (Seeing the Children Off to School)

Keith – this one goes out to you.

In class on Thursday, your mom Hattie told us that you recently checked out the blog looking for what she has written about you. She did write more than I have been able to post on this blog. Sorry!! As stories are mounting in class, they are rapidly outgrowing the weekly slots on the blog… so sometimes it takes a little longer for some stories to get posted. But here you are, this one is about you smiling your sweetest little smile on your first day of school. It really shows how much she loves you. I think you might like this one.

Hattie Lee Ellerbe
Seeing the Children Off to School

When I took Karen to school the first day of kindergarten, she went in crying and did not want to stay. After she settled down and I left her, I cried also. I felt like I had abandoned her. When I look Kevin for his first day of school, five years later, he stretched out and refused to stay. I cried when I returned home that day with Kevin, wondering if this child would ever be educated. Two years later, when I took Keith for his first day of school, he waited for the bell to ring. I waited for the tears to start and the drama to begin. Keith got in his line, the bell rang, smiled his sweetest little smile and waved his little hand and disappeared into that big, gray building. I felt like the teacher would kidnap him, he was so cute and friendly. I went home and wept bitterly.