Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arthur (Friends Are More Important Than Money)

So picture this: the seniors and I were in class, all sitting around the paper-and-pen-covered table. Some of the them were still writing, but Arthur was done early. And just so you know, when our seniors are done, they always, always look around and crack jokes and make conversation – I’m telling you, they don’t sit still!  Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, I happened to have a water bottle with all sorts of quotes over it (it’s from Lululemon, the fitness company, so the quotes are supposed to motivate you to focus and work out and feel good), and out of nowhere, I heard Arthur say, “I like that. Yes!” I looked at him, curious and confused. And he said, “That one quote right in the middle there. I like that. Friends ARE more important than money. Yes!” Next thing I knew, he wrote a full page in response. How cool is that? Moments like that are what make hanging out with my senior buddies always a surprise. Gosh, to see a random sentence on a water bottle trigger a full page of personal reflections – it was a pretty awesome moment.

Arthur Murray
April 22, 2010
Friends Are More Important Than Money

Whenever I can speak or say a kind word to someone it really makes my day.  There are so many different personalities in this world.   I meet so many people each and every day. I’ve always been a loner and used to be real shy when I was much younger, in my teens.

As I have gotten older I began to mingle with many more people.  I try to find a friend each day I live.

Money, you can lose your money and that’s when you will lose or find out how much of a friend you have.  A good friend is hard to come by.  I never really had good friends that I can say or point out.

Having a friend means so much to me, when I need to go or stay in the hospital or have a favor to ask someone.

Good friends – money cannot take the place of them.

Today the senator and his helpers visited the senior center. One of the helpers said to me,  “Keep on smiling and presenting yourself the way you do and you will live a happy life.”