Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Bird or A Dog

A Bird or A Dog

Sifting through my computer folders to retrieve fabulous stories (and experiences) from previous months that haven’t made it yet on to the blog. Every week we have about 10 stories/poems (20+handwritten pages!) plus my memory of the particular class to fit into 3 or 4 posts per week… it’s a tough math problem! I feel bad I can never get enough out to you guys soon enough. But my volunteers and I are dutifully typing every story and poem up, I promise. No written story goes forgotten!

Well, below is a little something that Henrietta wrote all the way back in January. It's stuck with me not only because of what's in it, but because of the way it drew everyone in. It caused a discussion. Helen said, “I like the point you are making, about reaching out.” Beatrice said, “Yes, because most people are too embarrassed or afraid to start a conversation.” Bernice joined in with gusto, “Communication! It’s important to communicate!”

Helen nodded, “I used to be part of a group called the Friendly Callers – it’s something they had here at the senior center. A couple hours when shut-ins can call and we just listen. Some of these people have no one to listen. Except for maybe a bird or a dog. I wish a group like that could start again. I really wish that…”

“Well, Helen, if I may interrupt,” Mo said, “don’t forget we have our own website. We can reach out to people through the computer. In a way we have everything we need to start a conversation.”

Henrietta Faust

Welcome Listeners: Please Post
How you feel about health care
Strategies on education, prevention of depression,
Wellness, and pain, for instance,
Do you look like your hurting,
Suppose I ask you, How are you?
Any challenges with difficulties
Or any demands? Any mental, neurological,
Or behavioral disorders?
Are you hiding behind a mask the world tells you
To wear? Do you have stress, depression?
What was your childhood like? Any hatred?
Parents? Siblings or deep traumas?
If you have any questions about
Healing deep trauma just ask.
Thanking you,
Henrietta Faust
Until next time your humble servant