Friday, May 7, 2010

Helen (The Culprit)

Ooo, this one reminds me of things my husband and I have done to my “little” sister… well, like, sometimes when we visit her in Seattle, we’d go into her room and move everything by just an inch, just to drive her nuts…

Helen H. Lahr
April 29, 10
The Culprit

I had been visiting my parents for the day, and my daughter was at work.  My two sons were at work and lived elsewhere with their families.  Although I was happy for them (my daughters-in-law are nice young women and I am fortunate that they like me), I couldn’t help feeling twinges of sadness at times when I thought of the days when my husband and I had them laughing close to our legs; or when they would jump into bed and snuggle up to us.

Oh, well let me get back to my recollections. 

Before I knew it, it was time for Diedre to pick me up.  Soon, we were on our way to our home.  Upon entering the house my daughter ran up the stairs to her bedroom.  She let out a squeal and burst into laughter. 

“Mommy, Mommy, come up here,” she called.  Then I entered the room, I too, burst out with laughter.  You see, my daughter had held on to some of her cherished dolls.  Raggedy Ann and Andy were always propped up by her ruffled pillows, but, today (along with other dolls and stuffed animals) were standing on their heads. 

Only one person was guilty of doing this- her younger brother.  At times he came into the city for a business appointment.  He would either come by later and I would prepare lunch for the two of us, or he would take me to lunch. 

Today, however, he felt in the mood to tease his “little sister.”  It wasn’t difficult for us to picture him tipping around her room, disturbing the little people. 

I smiled as I watched her go to the telephone and call him.  I could picture him watching by the telephone.