Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hazel (Close Call)

Let’s do one more scary story. I won’t give it away but the second to the last sentence makes me want to scream!

Gosh, the slip in her hand, the railroad tracks and the bay, her ten-year-old legs… talk about vivid details. This is how you know (1) she was REALLY scared and (2) she really loves to write. I am so glad she is in this class. People talk about kids and teens having potential, but to me, seniors have potential too. I can’t wait to keep seeing Hazel’s stories. That lady can work that pen.

Hazel Nurse
April 29, 2010
Close Call

One summer when my mother handed me a slip and said, “Hazel walk over to the cleaners please.” 

Mom had always dealt with this main large plant located on the outskirts of town.  First, it was in walking distance and secondly, more reasonable prices were available. 

Located between the railroad tracks and the bay in a deserted area, the plant was finally in view as I trudged along.  When I approached the building a huge white, black and yellow collie barked and lunged towards me.  I screamed “Mama, Mama,” spun around on my ten-year-old legs and scurried in reverse. 

Just as his breath was felt on my legs he decided to return to his base as a watch dog.  Arriving home safely after this atrocious fright renewed my faith.