Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Helen (The Lion King)

Now that I've calmed down a little bit (just a little!), let's get right back to the seniors' fabulous stories. And speaking of theater, here's Helen talking about how much fun she recently had at "The Lion King". I wish you could've all seen her face when she read this story out loud. Her eyes were absolutely glistening the whole time. This story will put a smile on your face. I'm guaranteeing that right now!

Helen H. Lahr
May 6, 2010
The Lion King

I am still thrilled about what happened last Thursday. I was sitting in the dining room (waiting for Benita, our chairperson for the writing class) when one of the staff members entered the room, came around the table, and whispered in my ear, “Have you seen The Lion King?”

“No.” I answered.

“Well, I have a ticket for you.”

You can imagine how surprised I was. I asked my friend who was sitting at the table to tell my daughter where I was when she came to pick me up at 3:30. She assured me that she would do so.

I walked out of the dining room into the lounge where I waited for the other lady who was going to the theatre. When she came, we walked out of the building. At first we were going to walk the three blocks, but looking at our watches we realized that we would be late if we did so. We soon decided to flag down a cab. One came by immediately.

When we entered the theatre, two young ushers approached us. The young man took my arm and escorted me down the aisle, and the young adult usher escorted my acquaintance. Our seats were choice ones – on the third row from the stage! Can you believe that? One hundred and fifty dollar seats!

Well, we settled back in our seats and the show began. The sound effects, costumes, dancing, singing, and the colors were superb! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the acting, need I say more? The story of The Lion King was very good and had a happy ending, which I like (smiles).

Afterwards, we returned to the Center, where my daughter was waiting in the car. I can only say that this was an unusual experience that I shall never forget.