Friday, April 2, 2010

Helen (Coming Home for Easter)

Happy Easter! You guessed it, Helen has an Easter story for us. This one is darling. I won’t give it all away but I’ll say this. The entire story is like a scene right out of a romantic movie. My favorite line is, “He said they were pretty.”

Coming Home for Easter

Easter was approaching and I was so excited! My husband and I had been married on the 28th of February, the very last day of the month. Since my husband was in the U.S. Army, he was stationed in Camp Stewart, Georgia. We were allowed to stay in the nearest town, Savannah, because my husband was a master Sargeant. He would come to our place every evening as if he were employed at the camp.

When my husband sent for me to join him in Savannah I had never been to the South before, so I felt somewhat nervous, although I was ecstatic about joining my new mate. So that I wouldn’t be lonely during the day, my husband’s army buddy arranged to have his bride join him. Louise, her name, was from North Carolina. She was a very sweet girl and we were compatible right away.

I had heard about the discrimination in the South, but I felt more at ease with Louise. When we went into town, we went to the back of the bus. Inwardly, I seethed, but I was not the type to make a scene. When we entered the shops (my husband had told me to purchase an Easter outfit) the sales persons were very polite. There were separated dressing rooms. The one we entered had “Colored” over the doorway. This was ridiculous because you bought what you tried on. The sales persons chatted with us, asking where I was from. I answered in a polite way because they were nice. Louise was very comfortable because she was used to the laws of the South.

When my husband came home that evening I showed him my new outfit and hat. He said they were pretty. I can remember exactly what they looked like. The suit was lilac and so was the hat (a pillbox with veiling over it). The blouse was white with a lace collar and cuffs. My gloves were white lace.

My husband made reservations on the Silver Meteor train. This was a luxury train with dark red velvet drapers and matching carpeting. Needless to say, I felt elegant strolling on my husband’s arm, past the people who did not have reservations, and boarding the train. (smiles)

When we arrived in Philadelphia, we rode to my parent’s home in a cab. You can imagine how happy my parents and my sister were to see us. And, my in-laws had come down from Lancaster! There was a sumptuous dinner and happiness all around.

During the next week we motored to Lancaster and spent a couple of days before going back to Savannah. What memories!