Sunday, April 11, 2010

Arthur (A Penny from Heaven)

Starting to notice a trend – are you seeing it too? A lot of the seniors are sharing stories about being in a bind but making a good situation out of it. To me, that’s real courage, that’s real perseverance. Well, you saw Teddy’s heartwrenching story in the previous blog post, about how he ended up in a wheelchair. And now, here’s his best friend Arthur (Arthur’s words: “I’m Teddy’s black twin.”), talking about an unexpected discovery… this one wrenches my heart just a little, but then warms it right up.

Arthur Murray
April 1, 2010
A Penny from Heaven

The best thing that happened to me.  Last Sunday I was going to church.  My finances was gone and I started to not to go to church because I did not have money to put into the offering for church plus I did not have any food at my house. 

Well, I went anyway because of the choice I had to sing.  We had to sing. 

When we got off the bus on our way to church we went past the playground and when I looked down on the ground by the fence I seen a 20 dollar bill just looking up at me saying, “Come and get me.”  Thank you Jesus, I said, That was a penny from Heaven.  That day I put in ½ in the offering and bought me a dinner platter.  I was so happy. 

In the evening the ice cream man came around.  We was so glad when they came.  Ice cream was 5 cents a cone.