Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Henrietta (Thank You to the WWW)

All of you reading this blog, right here, right now – yes, you, whether you are seeing these little words via the website, or streaming the blog through Facebook or Twitter, whether you are on your iphone, Blackberry, desktop computer or laptop, at home or at a coffee shop, in Philadelphia or any other American city, or anywhere in the world – yes, I mean all of you, the whole world wide web of you – here is a thank-you letter from Henrietta to YOU. You may be thinking you are just here to check out some cool stories, but clearly, you’ve been doing a whole lot more than that. You to our seniors are one united comforting, listening community. Doesn't matter that they don't see you. They really do feel your presence and support. Keep it up, Team WWW!

I must say thank you to the
www, for being a way that I can
Use to heal myself, a way that I
Can meditate, a place I can turn to,
A way to be human.
I say thank you www because I
Can go back to each frozen
Place-in-my-past, and with
God’s help, unfreeze each trauma
Each trauma that I could not
Deal with in the moment, because
I was busy surviving – I was too busy
Keeping a job in a world that said “No”.
The World Wide Web said, “Yes to all,” and “If you
Have it, bring it”. For that I
Thank the www. You who level all
Playing fields. With you the fear factor
Is gone. Thank you www for access to
Information. Are you reading me?
Then blog me back. Now healing starts