Monday, April 26, 2010

Henrietta (A Note to Readers)

Looks like, Henrietta, our new Class Representative, got right to work. After being elected for the role by her peers (check out the previous post for more background), the first thing she did was to write a letter to you, our blog readers. So get on it! She wants to know what you want to read about so she can relay it to our class. Speak up and it’ll get heard (and written!)

This is written to the readers: Please, readers, log on and tell me exactly what you all want to read on Thank you all.

Also, thank you to all who enjoyed the poem. “Thank You to the WWW” was the title. (I read your comments on Facebook.)

I was just nominated as Representative of the writing class today. So please blog me so I can share you words, as I represent the writing class at the Senior Center, thank you. Wish me luck in my representation of the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Senior Center’s Writing Class Thursday 1pm to 2pm.
- Henrietta Faust
Rep. P.S.C.W.C.
Representative of the P.S.C. Writing Class
April 8, 2010