Saturday, April 17, 2010

Helen (Reminiscing)

Looks like Beatrice and I aren’t the only ones who miss our friends from school! I can just imagine this group of teenagers walking home together every day, chatting their worries away. Something about this story - the way Helen tells it, I think that's what it is - just oozes trust and loyalty, and I love that.

Helen H. Lahr
March 14, 2010

My childhood days were happy ones. Even when I entered high school I was still looking forward to the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed being with my family but it was really nice being with my three close girlfriends Pearl, Christine and Catherine.

We didn’t have any classes together because they had other courses like home economics and commercial courses. I had academic courses. After school we would walk home together. Catherine lived on Chestnut Street and Pearl, Christine and I lived in South Philadelphia.

After graduation we remained good friends but our hearts were broken when Christine moved to Washington, D.C. and Catherine moved to New York. Pearl and I remained in Philadelphia.

Over the next few years we would meet in Philadelphia, Washington or New York. Needless to say, our reunions were always too short.