Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bernice (My Aunt Lena Massengill)

Three little words:

I made it.

After Bernice read this story out loud, Mo said the best possible thing anyone could say, “We are grateful for Aunt Lena too. She brought you to us.”

If there is ever a story about a lifetime of gratefulness, here it is.

Bernice Moore
April 15, 2010
My Aunt Lena Massengill

Me and my twin sister were born in Bridgton, New Jersey, on June 18th, 1933. The doctors said I would not live another day when my aunt came to take me home. She took good care of me. She was a church woman. She believed in her god. Because of that I lived to be the mother of 11 children, 10 grandchildren, and 8 great-grand children. I am grateful to God and my aunt. I made it.

My aunt was a loving person. I miss her today. She died at the age of 51 – in those days, that was old. She loved her niece and nephew. My aunt was born in 1900. If she had lived she would be 103 years old. She died at the age of 50 years and I myself have lived to 76 years old. I thank God for it. I hope to see 77. God is the head doctor.