Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beatrice (Things I Liked About School)

It’s spring, and besides, Mo’s tribute to Joey in the previous post made me think we gotta talk a little bit more about friends! Spring is for friends! As someone who’s moved around from city to city all my life, it’s always bittersweet for me to think about all the friendships that I’ve made and miss. I try, I try, I swear, but it’s really impossible to keep in touch with everyone on a daily basis. And so, I want to dedicate this post to my group of friends from grad school. We did everything together, including some ridiculous things: snowball fights, grape aiming contests, shopping cart rides, and oh, studying ;) Now, we’re “grown” and scattered in different places all over the world – Philly, LA, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, France – but I’ll never forget what a fabulous time we had! I miss you guys!

Beatrice Newkirk
Things I Liked About School
March 25 2010

Going to school was the best thing to do. I loved school. You got a chance to go out. I had lots of friends in school. Everyone has a best friend. My best friends name was Alice. We always met at the schoolyard. We would walk home together. When she was absent I would feel lonely. We also ate lunch together and would go out for recess, which was the best thing at school. You had a chance to play with other kids from the neighborhood.