Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little Mo (Changed Minds)

“You made me think, thank you.” What if Miss Mo wasn’t sitting on her front steps that day? What would have happened to this young man and the lives he was about to destroy? From Little Miss Mo, one of the funniest and littlest people under the sun, a story that changed more lives that we would ever know.

Missouri Grier
Change Minds

One day I was sitting on my front steps.  This man was coming down the street, talking loud to himself, he stopped when he got to me.  “Hello Miss”, he said.  “Have you ever been so mad as to want to kill somebody?”  I looked at him about 3 minutes then said if I did that you would not be talking to me.  First stop and think, if I killed him or her, would I be destroying myself.  He or she would not be worth me giving up my freedom for anybody.  He thanked me and said, “You made me think, thank you.”