Monday, March 12, 2012

Gloria and Aileen (Whispers and Hues of Spring)

Time to say hello to spring! To get us in the mood, here are our Mommy and Daughter. For those of you who are new to the blog, Gloria has always come to class with her mom, Aileen, every week, and written her own stories too. Oh no, my silly senior buds and I don’t call them by name, we all call them Mommy and Daughter!  This pair of "spring" stories was the first time they wrote together on the same topic as a collaborative project at home, so these stories will always be special for me. Along with springtime colors and fragrances, the love between mommies and daughters is most definitely in the air.

Gloria Washington
Whispers of Spring

The beckoning memory of a sleeveless silk garment. The freedom to eschew winter’s rough-hewn woolen layers…

The twinkle of manicured toes in violet-hued espadrilles. The breath released at the warming sun. Frivolity and capriciousness caused and inspired by long daylight hours. Nature’s buds of beauty awakened and unfurled…street musicians staccato beat. Crisp salads and ruby-kissed fruits flowing from harvest’s horn of plenty.

Romance and laughter and sunshine and freedom. Right around the corner, the season beckons. It will be spring. Hope and magic flourishing unbridled.

Aileen Jefferson
Colorful Hues of Spring

Lovely skirts, bright blouses, colorful shirts giving spring its best display of our clothing. An aura of fancy fashions on the most lovely models alive. Youth displaying clothes by our most clever designers. Gorgeous pinks, warm lavenders among our most brilliant shades of peach. All being worn the following spring days of May. Silks shimmering among the shades of cornflower yellow not to be overshadowed by hues of red and magenta all to be heralded by the summer sun. The palettes of our most brilliant artists out shining themselves. Natural cottons announcing their display of summer.