Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hazel (Twist)

Let’s kick things up a notch with a little controversy… how do I put this… this is a piece with some serious social undertones. Ok, I won’t beat around the bush. What I mean is some discrimination is implied, having to do with age or race or likely a combination of the two. Can’t say for sure. But while reading in class, Hazel gave the group a look kind of like, "You know what I mean."

As our seniors, volunteers and I pick out stories (a challenging task!) for our big event on November 14 (you’d better be there!) we’ve been talking/emailing a lot about just how cool it is that the seniors feel comfortable enough in class to expose some really touchy experiences.

No one says life is fair but at least in our classroom once a week the seniors get to feel vindicated, justified. I think everyone needs that sometimes.

Hazel Nurse
August 19, 2010

One Saturday in February several years ago, I went to see the movie, Sideways.  However, I never dreamed that I would end up sitting “sideways” in a police car. 

The lady seated beside me uttered, “You have to move.  This seat’s taken.”

“Yes, it’s taken because I’m sitting in it,” I replied.

Soon after, the manager arrived and agreed with the patron’s request, threatening to put me out.  I suggested she call the police.

In the vestibule, the cops uttered, “She told you to move, didn’t she?” I refused to agree, and tried to return to my seat as he blocked the swinging doors saying, “You are under arrest!”

After denying my request to make a phone call, the policeman collected my jacket and purse, returned my ticket stub, and placed a $3.50 fare in my pocket.  After being handcuffed and ushered into the police station, I reported to a hearing.  I could have chosen to plead guilty and pay $150 or go to court.  I chose court.

After hearing both sides of the story, the judge said that the policeman was wrong and had no business doing what he did.  The district attorney claimed that my real vendetta was against the movie.  All charges of disorderly conduct were dropped and I was relieved.