Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beatrice (Where Do We Go From Here)

American Society on Aging's 2010 East Coast Conference

This project is becoming more “adult” yet more “teenage”. Growing up and growing younger all at once. The seniors and I are loving it.

I had a great time speaking as a panelist at American Society on Aging’s esteemed 2010 East Conference on Aging yesterday. Thank you, Creative Arts and Aging Network, for including me on your panel. Thank YOU to current readers who took the time to attend, and welcome to new readers (YAY!) who got “hooked” by my cliffhanger about my grandma’s story and are now here on the blog digging up the rest of the story!

Alright, alright, you want it, you got it. Click Here and Here ;)

And the growing-younger bit? Well, TODAY in less than half an hour our very first Teen Writing Group will kick off. The coolest part? This is entirely our teens’ idea, not mine. They said that now that school has started and they can’t visit our weekly class at the Senior Center midday on Thursdays, they want to start their own group to read and discuss their reflections to the seniors’ stories. If you haven’t checked out this project’s Teen Blog yet, you’ve absolutely got to. Visit and check back regularly!

Enough about how excited I am. Check out how excited Beatrice is!

Beatrice Newkirk
8/19/2010 and 9/9/2010
Where Do We Go From Here?

The best time of my life is now, being in the writing class. We have a wonderful class: people of different races, people of different faces. We are learning a lot of things from other people.

We write our stories and read them, and then hear other people’s stories. We are even doing things with the younger generation. Having young kids in my family, I can understand where they are coming from.

We go from here into the future, not knowing what will happen next, but we hope for the best. We do have to get ready for the future. We have to keep up with the news. Because what is happening now will effect everyone tomorrow – mostly the kids.

I have heard a lot of stories from the class.  Everyone’s stories are different.  Some stories are sad.  Some are happy.  Everyone’s stories make you feel something.  Sometimes you want to put yourself in their shoes. 

We are the generation of today. Our kids and grandkids are the grandkids are the generations of tomorrow. What we do today will affect them tomorrow. Whatever decision they make will be up to them. We can't ask them to look in the past, but to understand the past, so they can plan for the future.

There are so many good kids doing the right things, including the kids who come here to join us, the seniors, at our writing class.

I am so glad I came to this class.