Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can Draw Must Draw

Who says a writing class is just a writing class?

Sometimes our seniors draw; sometimes they make collages. Sometimes they do these in advance at home; sometimes just right there in class, whenever inspiration strikes. It's incredible, really - right there, in the middle of all the riotous talking and writing and laughing and crying, you'd spot a senior spontaneously drawing. It's like our seniors have so much emotion to get out that words don't suffice - they gotta draw too.

Oh, and want in on an inside joke? Bernice, who has been coming to class since day one (!) draws me the same portrait every, and I mean EVERY, week. Of course she didn't give me an explanation at first - she just started handing me page after page, leaving me more mystified each week. (You can read all about that by clicking Here to see the first of three "Something I've Got to Ask" blog posts, and browsing our October Blog Archive for more).