Monday, August 30, 2010

Announcing... Our Teen Blog!

All of the people here have very good hearts and I am so happy to be here. Their spirits are high and they're all lovable people and I feel very at home.

- Khary Minor, Teen Intern

See people think that being around older people will be boring but that's not the case. These people are so kind and warm hearted that its crazy. If you don't get along with your immediate family they could be your second family.

- Tyreek Malachi, Teen Intern, in response

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If anyone has ever told you that teens don't listen or communicate, we've got just the stuff for you to prove that person wrong. Announcing... our new Teen Blog!

Click Here (or use the new link in the sidebar) to check it out.

Not only have Philadelphia teens from diverse neighborhoods and family backgrounds been joining our seniors for class week after week, they have been running their own blog, to reflect on their class experience, and to tell stories from their own lives. Even as the academic year begins, teens will keep "talking" with our seniors via this blog. Its title refers to our upcoming November 14th  public event, Seniors' Storytelling Day - and that's because we (seniors, teens, and we "in-betweeners") are all so excited about it!

Hats off especially to Teen Intern Tyreek “Tea” Malachi. As the lead coordinator for the Teen Blog, his role is similar to mine here. Besides posting his peers' stories regularly, he also adds his own responses to strike up a little conversation with YOU, our fabulous readers.

In order to let our teen writers feel free to be themselves, and give them the respect they deserve, we have decided to let their blog be uncensored and unedited, so that what you hear is really the voice of their generation.