Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brenda (The Four "H" Sisters)

A month ago, thinking out loud here on the blog, I realized the only word that comes close to describing how our class feels like is "family". I am not being dramatic – it’s true! And hey, I've got backup - turns out it’s not just me who thinks this way! On the teen blog, teens write that our seniors are like their second family. And Mr. Gordon the other day came right out and said, "There is true love in this room." Hugs are freely flowing left and right, and lately, Brenda has been dedicating entire stories to other seniors in the room. Except she doesn't call them classmates; she calls them siblings.

Brenda Bailey
The Four “H” Sisters           

I would like to introduce you to the 4 H Sisters, a.k.a. The Happiness Sisters.  They are not a group that takes care of animals or a vocal group (but I know they can carry a tune), or a dance group (because arthritis has put a stop to high kicks and splits they use to do), or a sports team playing basketball and tennis (I would love to see them try!)  No!  They are just a group of senior women traveling along life’s road.

The 1st Sister – The Writer:  Her prose bring a smile to your face when you think of her gift and command of the English language.

The 2nd Sister – The Fugitive:  The French police have given up looking for the American women who tried to squeeze under a turnstile in Paris.  I can just see them now all dirty from the grime of the street and having a ball.  Thank goodness the statute of limitation has come and gone.  What a hoot!

The 3rd Sister – Butterfly Lady:  She collects all thing butterfly.  Pins broaches, memorabilia – at last count 60!  Butterflies do make you feel light and free - not a care in the world.  “Madame B” has a happy smile when she says, “Hello there”.

The 4th Sister – Grand Dame:  Her big colorful flowers, hats and outfits make you happy just to see her.  Those sparkling eyes and smiling lips say hello before she does.  Her grace poise and classy demeanor say, “I am a Lady!”

Now can you guess who is who?

1) Henrietta
2) Hazel
3) Hattie (a.k.a. Tina Turner)
4) Helen

The next time you see them, you’ll see why they are called The Happiness Sisters.