Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bernice (On the Bus)

Some things in this world are simply perfect. Bernice’s personality is one of them.

I still remember my first impression of Bernice. We’re both goofy and silly and since day one of this class, we hit it off. She has a mad talent for jokes; we both have a mad appetite for laughing out loud. And then, as she started to share more and more stories from her life, I found out there are layers and layers more to her than just a funny lady (or well, tomboy!) First time I realized that was when she talked about how much she misses her late husband. Click Here for that blog post: the story struck me so much. I compared it to a rockstar (which IS what Bernice is to me) with funky beats suddenly going unplugged. It steals your heart. But that’s not all. She’s shared so many stories since, about her gratitude towards the aunt who raised her, her pride of her twin sister Beatrice, her theories (ALL of which I am a fan of) on life, like it’s a good thing people are different, because we are different like flowers. Oh, and you saw in a few blog posts earlier how she draws me a picture every week – that’s our inside joke. I mean, she is just so funny, fun to be around, loving, grateful, content, artistic, brilliant... and to top it all off? She’s kind. She’s got ethics, she’s got backbone. She knows right from wrong, and she acts on what’s right. Doesn’t matter she’s got a walking cane and a limp, she’s constantly helping strangers on the sidewalk and on the bus.

(Bernice, I am not sure you even know it, but I swear, you are as cool as people come. I love that I get to hang out with you every week in class.)

Bernice Moore
On the Bus

I was on the No. 15 bus this morning. Some people speak and some don’t.  A lady left her purse on the bus.  I see her all the time, and I told her about it.  She was glad I gave it to her.  One lady said I should have kept it.  I don’t believe in keeping something that ain’t mine.  It is so good to be honest. 

Another lady fell asleep on the bus.  A man tried to take her purse.  I woke her up.  He was mad at me.  I did not care about that.  It is good to help people.  There are some very mean people.  I am glad I am not one of them. 

The older we get, the more we see new things.  Everything has changed.  There are a lot of new people here.  We have to get used to them.  I love to see new people and make things change for the best. 

Bernice Moore           
On the Bus

Today, coming down on the bus, I saw a lady get sick.  She was taken to the hospital.  I hope she is alright.  Some people helped her until help arrived.  I sure hope she is alright.  When I was walking down 11th and Market Streets, a little boy came out of the store.  His mother was still in the store. I told him he was with the wrong mother – my baby boy is 60 year old. I was just passing through. So I stopped and looked into the store.  His mother was glad to see that he was alright.  Sometimes children get away, and their mother and father don’t see it.  I was glad everything was ok.