Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mr. Robert (Putting Your Mind to It)

You all know Robert Leung - one of our 3 Musketeers, but guess what? We now have 2 Roberts regularly attending class every week! And yes, my silly senior buds have been trying out new nicknames on them: “Bobby” for our original member; “Mr. Robert” for our newer addition.

I’ve liked Mr. Robert ever since he joined our group in August. The first time we met, I was immediately struck by a special quality he has – you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, this past Thursday, as I listened to him read his story out loud – about friendships he’s gained and lost over the years – I realized what that quality is called.


It’s hard for me to say exactly what makes a strong man, but I feel like the ability to be in touch with real feelings is a big part of it. That’s the kind of strength that Robert’s got, and to various extents, that’s what a lot of the male members in our class have got. Our men – they’re really, extraordinarily strong. I am so proud of them.

Robert Mitchell
Putting Your Mind to It

To be where you’re at.
To get where you want to go.
To be thankful for what you got & family.

At an early age being a toddler (age newborn-5 yrs) our household utilities were: electric can oil lamp, gas, a pot belly stove, also too that was the heat of the house in a 3-bedroom house for 5 kids (mother, 3 sisters & 1 brother). I was taught to be respectful of elders, be courtesy, have manners, and always speak when spoken to!!!

My teenage years, we lived in a 3-bedroom house. Our second house had electricity, gas & coal heat. My room was furnished with a single bed, a dresser, mirror, clothes closet, no, I repeat no!!! radio, t.v., air conditioner, or all the luxury that the kids now have today.

I was drafted in the military after I turned 20 yrs-old and did a 2 yr. tour of duty during the Vietnam War. Back home again and I got married for the second time 2 yrs later.

Once I was in the work field, all the luxuries that I didn’t have when I was young  were in my reach. Once I put my mind to getting them: a house, a car, a garage, 5 kids, a wife with both of us working. You can get all these amenities & more once you put your mind to it and strive to do whatever it takes to make life a blessing for you and your family; with God in your life you will make it.

Robert Mitchell
Growing Up

I was raised by my mother, however, my father wasn’t around – why, I don’t know, I guess it was a man thing. My mother taught me love, family, respect, discipline, speak-up when spoken to, and to get along with people, don’t kiss their (back side).

Let me break it on down;

Love- Love yourself before you love someone else.

Family- Be there for your family when needed.

Discipline- Without discipline, you have no sense of direction in life.

Speak up when spoken to!!- When you are asked a question, speak plainly so the other person can hear you. Don’t mumble.

Kissing Backside- Just to get along with people, don’t give up your pride and dignity.

With all that she had taught me, I add 2 more. Have compassion for others cause you’re not better than them, and respect other peoples’ opinion, cause they have freedom of speech.