Thursday, October 13, 2011

Isadora, Henrietta, Josie (This Is Me and This Is What I Do)

A couple blog posts ago, I gave a shoutout to the men in our class, for being strong enough to put raw, complicated feelings into words. Well now, ladies, let’s show those boys what you’ve got. Isadora, Henrietta, Josie, and all you other beautiful, resilient fighters in our class, your strength makes me proud to be a woman.

Isadora Fields
Fight this Cancer

The best day of my life so far is today. My daughter has just found out she has cancer of the liver. She is going to take chemotherapy. Her half brother recently died of cancer of the liver. She is going to fight this cancer. Everyone is praying for her.

Henrietta Faust
This Is Me and This Is What I Do

My name is Henrietta Faust, and I am healing myself with writing class.

I am shy to a fault. And also know, God’s chosen are shy. I am quiet. A-diddly-quiet at times. This frightens the world.

I miss social cues, morals and lead ons. I may seem aloof, and seem to ignore you. This is me. This is what I do.

But in reality, I am a Helper. My gift is the gift of Helps. I care deeply for people and have been fatally wounded by people.

My healing is to turn shyness into being an extroverted personality. And find safe people I can trust. This is me, and this is what I do.

I speak this to the atmosphere. I decree this. I believe this. I say this to the atmosphere. And I believe and decree, I shall be. This is me, and this is what I do.

Josie Miller
I Never Wore a Store Bought Dress

I love coming to writing group because everyone is so pleasant and I love hearing the stories, written by group members.  This is about my fourth session and my enjoyment has increased with each class.  Also, with each class I discover something new about myself.  One week I wrote a story describing what I saw, as my grandmother made one of my many dresses.

When I finished, I read the story to the class.  Seeing the attention they paid as I read my story and hearing their sounds of appreciation, filled my heart with joy.

I’ve never before belonged to a group and trusting people in groups had never been easy.  That’s why when I finished my story about my grandmother’s sewing and the group suggested I title my story “I Never Wore a Store Bought Dress” I could not accept their suggestion.  Later I thought about how often I have rejected ideas from others, simply because I didn’t believe in what they were saying.  I wish I had accepted the title the group had given me, because it was a perfect title.