Saturday, October 8, 2011

For Arthur from Jamie

Below are a few words in memory of Arthur, by Jamie Wright, whose dad was one of Arthur’s best friends and whom Arthur helped to raise as a child. Jamie reached out to me on Facebook last week, and we’ve been chatting on email since. When I first met her on Thursday, I couldn’t help seeing Arthur’s life-loving spirit through her beautiful, radiant smile.

Jamie Knight
10.8.11 via email

On September 11, 2011 God called another one of his angels home. I called my father to tell him we were on our way to give Archie the "right hand of fellowship' when he exclaimed, "my Archie is gone!"

On the night before he died we all (my mother, Darlene, father, James sr., and brother, James jr.) sat around singing songs to Archie and telling him how we thought heaven would be. Archie looooved Christmas, so when my mom got there we started a medley of Christmas songs. Archie's smile was big and bright through this. I took one last picture with Archie (still smiling)  when I first arrived and sang his favorite "Walk around heaven all day;" this was the first time I'd seen Archie cry throughout his entire sickness. In those few precious moments I thanked Archie for being there for our family all those years; helping to raise my brother and I, being a friend to our parents and giving us so many wonderful memories to cherish. When I thanked him he just shook his head with a smile and mouthed "no problem"  in true Archie fashion.

When Archie received his diagnosis he did not get depressed and act like he was already gone, he continued to live his life with that precious smile that we will all miss. He attended church on Sunday, went to a Phillies game, went to karaoke, played cards in the park and left here like a person who truly had faith in the master and his plan.

I'm not sure who I would be if my dad never met Archie; if they'd never went on the road; never became best friends and lived together after the road was over; then when my mom met my dad, and they broke up Archie would have never been there to talk him through it, and then I might not even be here! What a difference a life makes! What a difference this life made. Without Archie's smile I would not have had a reason to laugh after a full day of being teased by bullies at school; without Archie escorting us to and from school I might have been one of those missing children on the news, Without Archie showing me some defense tactics I might not have stood up for myself that very first time, without Archie pulling out his old bible telling me about the power of the Lord, my faith might not be as strong as it  is. I could continue on with a long list of "without…" but the point is without Arthur Raymond Murray I would not, could not be the same me. I will never forget him and all that his life taught me…RIP Archie

Jamie Knight
9.28.11 via Facebook

Hello name is Jamie Knight. You don't know me but Archie helped raise my brother and I. he looooooooooooooooooooooved #thebestdayofmylifeSOFAR! I just read the posts in memory of him and it made me so happy. He was a very happy spirit and I am sooooooo glad the he experienced so much joy in his last days-you were a part of that joy.

Jamie Knight
10.06.11 via email

Hi Benita… I am planning to come to the special class today, along with, my mom, Archie's sister, my father, brother,grandfather....I even passed out flyers to his friends! Archie (as we all called him) loooooooooved ur class and all of the activities he got to do. I am looking forward to meeting you. The flyer said it begins @ 1:00 at the senior center :) I will be there.