Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roller Skate Stories

 And now… (drum roll please) it’s my pleasure to introduce to you… not one but two… trouble makers on roller skates!

You know what this means. Miss Mo and Doris get major street cred in my book! I think a little trouble makes them extra cool, don’t you? Hey, but still, don’t try either at home ;)

Missouri Grier
Dog Lessons

As a little girl in my neighborhood, there were not many things to keep your mind busy. So with nothing to do but play with my dog, I decided to teach the dog how to skate. We went into the backyard, and the lesson began, and the skates were put on the back feet—and I was in trouble. The dog tried to run, and I tried to get up off the ground where she left me.

The lesson was a failure.

Doris Lang
Don’t Lie

When I was a child there was a rule in our house that we could not ride a bike or roller skate.  But at 9 years old all my friends were skating.  One day when I knew my girlfriend would not be home, I asked her mother if I could borrow her skates.  She asked me if my mother knew, of course I lied and said yes.

When I put on the skates I immediately got into a race.  I never skated before.  I was going down the street as fast as possible and right in front of me was a pile of leaves.  I didn’t know how to get around them.  I tried to go thru.  I fell.  I nearly slid down the sewer.  My left hand was killing me.  I knew if I went home my mother would pinch me.  That was her form of punishment.

I sat at the curb crying.  My brother came out to get me.  Everyone was waiting for dinner.  My father put Sloan's liniment on my arm and nearly burned all my skin.  After screaming all night my Aunt took me to the hospital. 

I broke my arm in three places.  I was in a cast for 3 months.  That was the last time I wore skates.