Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 of a Million Reasons

So many reasons why today's class was unforgettable:

10. We surprised Dee with birthday cupcakes! Yay! It was fun to see Dee so happy.

9. Brendan, one of the leaders from our Wednesday library satellite class, came to cheer Dee on.

8. Brendan wrote a loving story about his wife of 2-1/2 years... stay tuned for a blog post of that!

7. Madi, our teen intern who helps to lead our satellite class, gave a great recap of how that class has been blossoming. Click Here to read the satellite blog which Madi narrates.

6. We had a big, happy class with big-hearted stories.

5. The weather was nice and not too hot, so seniors could travel to class easily.

4. We took a lot of fun photos. (Click Here to see today's album! To see photos as they are posted, please Like us on Facebook. Thanks!)

3. Beatrice's daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson visited from North Carolina and Delaware!

2. Joseph is six ;)

1. My mom and sister who are visiting from Seattle came to class. I think they loved it.