Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marci (A Simple Question)

Just after Ellis read his letter for Watson (cheek out the previous blog post), his sister Marci read this story out loud to the group. Hearing this story made the simple sight of these two siblings – sitting just across the table from me, side by side, elbow to elbow – extraordinary.

Marci Zelmanoff
A Simple Question

I was a patient at Catch-Penrose AI. When the psychiatrist asked me in a soft tone, “Do you by chance have a brother?” I said, “Yes – named Ellis?” I hadn’t seen nor heard from Ellis in over a year. She thought of contacting and getting in contact with my brother. Last summer was joyous. We are developing a fondness for each other a day at a time. If not for this MD, we might have never re-met. We would never learn that we lived 3 blocks from each other. I may not be too fond of this MD or any MD, but I am grateful to him for asking me a simple question.